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Belfast by bus

By editorial assistant Sandi Toxic

Posted May 20, 2014
belfast mural
Belfast: Famous for its murals. © Ignatius Rake

Daring new video captures highs and lows of driving through Belfast.

The Belfast City Tourism Board has released a "high-octane" new video highlighting the joys of driving round Belfast on a 10C Translink bus.

Entitled Let's Go Together and starring Belfast comedian Marcus Keeley of the Wonder Frog improv group, the video, in the words of Rake & Herald arts editor Quentin Darling-Pseud, is "an edge-of-your-seat ride up what looks like the Falls on a Sunday".

"Using radical new editing techniques, dramatic lighting and almost Pinteresque dialogue, Keeley," Pseud continues, "makes the viewer feel an intrinsic part of this highly intimate journey."

"It is almost as though one's eyes have been liberated from their sockets only to be forced at the subatomic level to meld with the fabric of the seating before him."

"We see a tree."

"We see a house."

"We see a road."

"We see into the very heart of the human condition itself."

"I laughed."

"I cried."

"I set myself on fire."

But there's more to Marcus than meets the eye, because he's also an accomplished artist.

And a gifted poet to boot.

The above videos are embedded here on the
Rake & Herald from Marcus Keeley's YouTube channel, which you are strongly advised to check out here.

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