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You are not a photographer!

By chief hack Ignatius Rake

Posted November 22, 2013
kissable lips
Natural beauty: Ooh, I'd like to kiss her. (Check bottom for credit)

Fancy yourself as a bit of hot shot with the old click-click? Well, you might want to check out the YANAP website before setting yourself up as a pro.

If you've ever waved a camera about then you really ought to visit You Are Not a Photographer (YANAP).

Just randomly click through it.

But be warned.

While the website offers plenty of pertinent advice for anyone wanting to up their game as a snapper – or 'monkey' as us blunts call 'em1 – the inaesthetic abominations that litter its pages are not ironic jokes.

Rather, they are genuine examples of what are meant to be professional photographs taken by supposedly professional photographers who subsequently expect to be paid for their 'services'.


Like this one, for example:

Happy Easter! Nothing sinister about that, Mr Savile. (Check bottom for credit)

Or theses:

and there's more
And there's more! Imagine those on the mantlepiece. (Check bottom for credit)

"Cheaper cameras and accessibility to clients created a boom of bad photography, something we here call 'fauxtography'," YANAP's two founders, Ginger and Mary Anne, state in the website's About section.

"Buy a $600 [£370] Canon Rebel, start a FaceBook fan page and boom, you think you're a photographer."

"Two of us started the site after looking through the FaceBook albums of one of these fauxtogs obsessively for a few days."

"We couldn't get enough."

"And then more of our FaceBook friends started photography pages and their photography was even worse."

"We were hooked."

And who could blame them?

See also Nice parking, sackface, posted 23/6/12.


1) UK journo slang. A 'monkey' is what a hack calls a snapper while a 'blunt' is what a snapper calls a hack.

Picture credits

We do not actually know who owns the copyright for any of the above 'photos' (please email us if you want a credit). However, we took them all from YANAP. And believe me, there's plenty more where they came from, including some right horrors we were far too scared to run. Check it out now. It's f--king excellent.

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