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RIP Dickie Hammond

By editorial assistant Sandi Toxic

Posted November 05, 2015
RIP dickie hammond of leatherface
Dickie Hammond: Seen here in 2010. © Chloe Rice

The R&H pays homage to Leatherface guitarist Dickie Hammond, who has died aged 50.

The Rake & Herald is saddened to learn that Dickie Hammond, guitarist with Sunderland-based punk stalwarts Leatherface, died, we understand, this past Saturday (31/10/15).

The exact cause of his death is not yet clear, although he had reportedly been suffering ill health for some time.

Hammond will be greatly remembered for his time with Leatherface as well as various other bands, including HDQ, Angelic Upstarts, Doctor Bison, Generic, Hex, Stokoe, the Dipsomaniacs, the Jones and the Toy Dolls.

"I was lucky enough to meet Dickie after a Leatherface gig a few years back and I bought him a pint as he had no cash," says Point Blank Poznań publisher and regular Rake & Herald contributor Steve Auto via FaceBook.

"I got a free copy of the new album in return, which I thought a fair exchange."

"He was a gent, told us loads of stories and you could see how chuffed he was to be back on the road with Leatherface again."

"I don't pretend to have known the guy well but after listening to his music for years I am deeply saddened by the news."

As indeed all are at the Rake & Herald.

RIP Dickie Hammond.

The above vid is embedded here on the tune-tastic Rake & Herald in honour of Dickie Hammond from Barry Downes YouTube channel, which you can check out here. Meanwhile, a number of other obituaries for Dickie can be read here, here, here and here (the latter being where we found the above pic).

See also The legendary Leatherface, posted 25/6/15.

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