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Pop music at its very best

By pop purist Ursine Pigweasel

Posted September 05, 2017
Pop music at its best
Meat shocker: Mic rocker. Nuff said. © Ignatius Rake

Watch this. It's flippin' ace.

Told ya.

See also Yarmouth Five-O, posted 22/1/15.

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I Will Survive

This week's karaoke classic is 'I Will Survive' by UK punk band Snuff.

Found: The worst song ever recorded

sunshine by Etoile officially recognised as worst song ever

Japan has produced some damn fine bands in its time. Sadly, it has also produced Etoile-Radiant or possibly just Etoile. Either way, they are shit.

Boyhole "will not split"

boyhole won't split

Teeny-bop boy-band sensation Boyhole have scotched media claims of a break-up. New album out now.