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Patrick Chase exposed

By culture editor DJ NRG Raver

Posted February 14, 2014
chase and status
Well-deserved cuppa: Chase & Status relax after seeing justice done. (Check bottom for credit)

Crime-fighting drum & bass duo Chase & Status unmask daytime TV host as drug-fuelled love rat hypocrite.

Controversial daytime television host Patrick Chase has been exposed as a fornicating, substance-abusing, kerb-crawling drunk-driver in a music video posted on the interweb by the investigative-reporting drum & bass duo Chase & Status (no relation).

The video, made to accompany the single Let You Go (featuring Mali), was shot covertly using micro-drones, Black Hornet nano-UAVs and remote-controlled insects to reveal the tabloid talk show sensation's sordid double life.

The footage, filmed in 2010, has until now been largely unknown, except for several million views on YouTube, due to a so-called 'super-injunction' obtained by Chase at the High Court in London.

Today, however, he chose to discontinue his legal action and allow the video to be shown openly for the first time.

While Chase himself has remained tight-lipped as to his decision to drop the gagging order, the media has been rife with speculation as to his motives.

As one TV insider exclusively told the Rake & Herald, "It's all about trying to upstage Kyle", in an apparent reference to Jeremy Kyle, Chase's long-standing rival who has recently triumphed in the UK daytime ratings battle while also enjoying transatlantic success in the States.

"Powders and pros are nothing new these days, especially in our line of work, and basically there's pretty much no stigma about them at all," the unnamed source continues.

"And since Yewtree, nobody else really cares either – as long as it's not kids."

"So all publicity is good publicity."

"Isn't that what they say?"

chase and status on stage
Undercover ops: A lot of Chase & Status' work has to be done in secret. (Check bottom for credit)

However, for Chase & Status, currently riding high in the charts with Alive (featuring Jacob Banks) and shortly Blk & Blu (featuring Ed Thomas), this is merely another episode in a decade-long mission to shine a light on wrongdoing wherever it may be found – to the rhythm of a groovy beat.

Previous videos have confronted other troubling and disturbing issues.

Time (featuring Delilah) focused on domestic violence while End Credits (featuring Plan B) tackled gang-related gun crime.

Blind Faith (featuring Liam Bailey), meanwhile, highlighted the growing problem of illegal 'Acid House' warehouse parties in a World In Action-style exposé.

Despite all this, it is not all doom and gloom from the 'caped producers' of electronic dance.

In fact, as the videos to Count On Me (featuring Moko), Hypest Hype (featuring Tempa T) and Pieces (featuring Plan B) make clear, there is nothing they like to do more than enjoy a nice party vibe.

So forget all the nasty stuff and get on down for a good old-fashioned shim-sham.

And please, don't have nightmares.

Do, however, make sure you watch Chase being exposed by the drum & bass avengers in the following vid. Even if this type of music isn't your normal cup of tea, justice is always worth watching. Especially when it's shot so well.

And while you're at it, we here at the Rake & Herald strongly advise you to watch the next two videos for Time and End Credits.

End Credits (B.O. Harry Brown) - Chase & Status... by 6ne_Web

Oh, and if you're not sure who Jeremy Kyle is, have a watch of this clip of him in action from selfselfself's YouTube channel, although we have no idea why some people think he's a horrible odious turd.

Seems like a lovely chap to us.

See also Cockney Thug still at large, posted 28/11/13.

Picture credits

Top, thumb and bottom: We're not sure who exactly owns the copyright to these incredibly well shot photos. However, we will happily give them a credit should they get in touch. What we can tell you, though, is that we took them from Chase & Status' FaceBook page, which you can check out here.

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