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Leonard Weather

By editorial assistant Sandi Toxic

Posted February 07, 2014
Leonard Weather: Leonard Weather. © Leonard Weather

A new name has emerged that will shake the world of hip hop to its core. Forget NWA and Daddy Mac. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Leonard Weather.

The Bronx.

South Central LA.


Some places just have hip hop etched into their very soul.

And sometimes, out of that soul, comes a man, a legend, who grasps the genre by its shoulder and turns it on its head.

A rebel.

A visionary.

Leonard Weather.

"I am from Camborne in Cornwall and I am going to be the best in rapping," he says.

And he is.

And he was.

And he will be.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Leonard Weather.

More Leonard at SoundCloud here.

Chief hack's note: We have just been informed by Leonard's management that he has a partner also called Leonard who "likes to rap about cigarettes and Iran" while the music is by Dren. More on that story as it develops.

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