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I'm a Mandrill

By Mandrillus Sphinx and the R&H senior team

Posted November 06, 2017
i'm a mandrill by the rainbow mandrills

What better way to kick off the week than with the anthemic 'I'm a Mandrill' by the Rainbow Mandrills?

It's Monday and that means mandrills.

And this week, we've got a right treat for you.

A psychedelic rock treat in the form of I'm a Mandrill by the Isle of Icke's very own Rainbow Mandrills.

Regular readers should be aware that this isn't the first time we've run a Rainbow Mandrills' song on the Rake & Herald and nor, we image, will it be the last.

After all, they flippin' rock and we very much dig their take on life and the Multiverse.

Seriously, they ain't trapped by the illusory nature of your 3D reality.

So get out your psychic knives and forks and tuck in.

Mind you, it's embedded from FaceBook so you'll have to turn up the volume first.

Have a mandrillin' week on Earth, folks!


Check out the Rainbow Mandrills on YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook and SoundCloud here, here, here and here, respectively, or visit their website by giving this a click, why dontcha?

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See also #MandrillMonday 23/10/17, posted, er, 23/10/17, and #MandrillMonday 16/10/17, posted, er, 16/10/17.

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