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Hypocrisy in the Democracy

By muso tosser Dirk Spangler

Posted June 11, 2015
Selftitled new single Hypocrisy in the Democracy
Poz punks: Eduardo, Adam and Szymon a few months back yesterday. © ESW Photography

Check out Selftitled's new single then watch them for free this Saturday.

Poznań-based international punk band Selftitled have just released their new single Hypocrisy in the Democracy.

An up-tempo spiky number with more bite than a metal-toothed Rottweiler, it's also got a well smart video to boot.

But what's it all about?

We asked the government's top mind control expert Prof Klaus Bumkleft.

"To me it is quite clear what is the meaning of this song," he exclusively tells the Rake & Herald via a series of subliminal messages, flouride in the water and an endless stream of 'reality' TV shows.

"All is in order."

"There is nothing to see here."

"X Factor will be on soon."



"Do not question."

"We have only your best interests at heart."

Comprised of Szymon from Poland on bass, Eduardo from Mexico on drums and Adam from Merseyside on guitar and vocals, Selftitled will be playing a free gig at Poznań's 9stóp this coming Saturday (21:00; 13/6/15).

But if you won't be able to make it due to geography, fear not.

For just by clicking this link you can watch a recording of the band playing Volcano Enema live on Kuba Wojewódzki's TVN show this past April 7.

I did and I was lost for words.

The above two vids are embedded here on the tune-tastic Rake & Herald from Selftitled's YouTube channel, which you can savour here. Meanwhile, to check out the band's SoundCloud and FaceBook pages, have a click of this and this, respectively.

See also Volcano Enema, posted 31/5/13.

Dirk Spangler
lives in a tree.

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Hypocrisy in the Democracy

Selftitled new single Hypocrisy in the Democracy

Check out Selftitled's new single then watch them for free this Saturday.