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Graveyard Drug Party

By Steve Auto at Point Blank Poznan

Posted May 30, 2014
graveyard drug party
Paint your teeth: Wise advice from Graveyard Drug Party. © Jakub Lemiszewski

Like your music raw? Then check out Poz-based Graveyard Drug Party.

Thanks to our good friends and drinking buddies over at Point Blank Poznań, we've just discovered a bloody excellent band with an even better name, Graveyard Drug Party (GDP). What's more, their fan-f--king-tastic album, the superbly entitled Paint Your Teeth, can be listened to and downloaded free of charge on Bandcamp simply by clicking this.

To us hacks here at the Rake & Herald, GDP kinda sound a bit like Sonic Youth doing death metal. While that may or may not sound alluring to you, yes YOU, our cherished and beloved readers, trust me, the result is bloody ace. In fact, we were so impressed we immediately nabbed the following interview from the current issue of Point Blank Poznań, the greatest fanzine in the world, in which Steve Auto asks the Qs and GDP's Jakub Lemiszewski gives the As…

A few weeks ago I was sent a link to the new GDP album featuring their new singer and I was interested to hear what it sounded like. Anyone hoping for a change in direction with acoustic ballads and Bee Gees harmonies will be sorely disappointed.

You've just released Paint Your Teeth. It's a pretty brutal album. How did you record it?

The album was recorded in three hours in our practice room.

We decided this way to reflect how we sound live – and we do sound rather rough and simple.

Actually, there are two different versions of Paint Your Teeth – the digital one and the one released on the cassette tapes where the sound is extremely brutal and full on distortion pedal, think of scruffy black metal demos.

Personally, I'm fonder of the latter.

It is hard to swallow, but simultaneously it's got that second meaning, a mystery!

Are you happy with the end result?

Indeed, I'm satisfied with the results. Must admit that Paint Your Teeth is truly the first recorded material I am really happy with in spite of my previous recording attempts with different bands and projects.

The album expresses the real atmosphere that's within our band.

Were there any over dubs on any of the guitars?

We didn't use any guitar effects.

Ideally, it is the rawest, effectless recording of our rehearsal session.

Most of the songs were successfully recorded at the first attempt, with the exception of Lato, which took us three times to set properly.

I guess this was due to tiredness; it was our last song to record.

The last time I saw you was in Kisielice with a different singer. When did Robert Śliwka join and why?

Kuba Borowiak was a band member up until June 2013.

We're all sorry for his departure, having great memories together and all that.

He left because of a job in another town.

Me and Teni had to quickly resolve the issue of a missing bandmate because we had gigs already set up for the summer.

After a short while we decided to give Robert a call as he contributed to another noise project I'd been in, the band called Martwy Chłopczyk.

Robert himself is one of the most wicked people I've ever dealt with; after the first practice together in GDP, we already knew it would work.

Now we're great friends inside and outside of the band!

How come you put you album up on Bandcamp for people to listen to for free?

Our intention is for people to get to know our music, the more the better.

My attitude is piracy proactive!

If it wasn't for the free exchange of MP3s, me and my bandmates would have never gone so far in musical development.

Besides, Graveyard Drug Party would have probably never happened.

The internet is a wonderful invention, which should be excessively available and free.

If somebody feels like supporting our band financially, they can buy the physical tape, come to our gigs or (and I hope this happens soon!) buy our T-shirts.

My favourite tunes are CMTS, Ikue Mori and Texas. Who writes the songs? Is it a team effort?

Most of the songs I write on my own but there are happy accidents, where we stumble upon great ideas while improvising at practices.

Nice artwork for the album. Who designed it?

I did it all by myself because I was scared that it wouldn't have the cohesive style if somebody else did it for us.

Also I wanted it to be unprofessional and DIY – to match our music.

Inside the cassette tape, there's an inlet with graphics that were supposed to go into the first edition of FONZIE fanzine.

In the end the fanzine never made it to the public; the graphics showed a scared child, blazing amp and German bomber plane.

If you could give other Poznań bands one piece of advice, what would it be?

I don't consider myself to be an appropriate person in giving advice.

However, what truly annoys me in many bands of Poznań is the lack of liveliness, lack of craziness, honesty, innovative approach and sense of humour.

Many people forget that music is an art form rather than workmanship.

Fair f--king play, sir! And now, to give your eyes and ears a treat, here's GDP playing Kurwat live at Fort Colomb in Poz, embedded here on the Rake & Herald from Qba19xx's YouTube channel, which you can check out here.

The original version of this article first appeared in Point Blank Poznan. Cheers, Steg. There's a load of cakes with mould on them if you want.

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