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Golden Brown

By eternal editor AC89

Posted February 17, 2014
karaoke classics

This week's karaoke classic is 'Golden Brown' by the Wurzels.

"Whenever I hear this song it makes think of lazy summer days, frolicking in the hay with Wendy, my first true love," says itinerant carjacker Lisbon Hammer of Pentewan, a tear welling in his eye.

"Especially when the vocals kick in."

"I'll never forget that voice."

Hat tip: Selwyn.

The above video is embedded from vontroixter213's YouTube channel, which you can check out here. Meanwhile, to learn more about Somerset-based Scrumpy and Western stalwarts the Wurzels, click this and to watch the official video for the Stranglers' 1982 original, give this a click. Is it just me or does that Wurzels version sound a bit like Les Négresses Vertes? Musically that is. Not vocally. Les Négresses Vertes were a lot more Devon.

See also RIP Sid Vicious, posted 3/2/14.

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