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French Disko

By editorial assistant Sandi Toxic

Posted February 16, 2015
single of the month

This week's single of the month is 'French Disko' by Stereolab.

Looking out the space probe's porthole earlier, I couldn't help noticing it's February 16 down on Earth today.

Hard to believe, I know, but it is.

And what's more, that can only mean one thing...

It's exactly 116 years since Iceland's first footballs club Knattspyrnufélag Reykjavíkur was founded.

So to celebrate, here's Anglo-Franco-Australian music band Stereolab with French Disko, embedded here on the tune-tastic Rake & Herald from AmmonRA.801's YouTube channel, which you can check out here.

But wait one minute, fancy pants.

Just what is that programme they're appearing on?

Why, it's only the post-pub-TV-pioneering Channel 4 show The Word.

Remember that?

Amanda de Cadenet, Dani Behr and that bird with the funny fringe.

Plus all them peoples licking slugs just to get on TV.

And that Terry Christian.

He was from Newcastle, you know.

See also Tarred and Feathered, posted 29/1/15.

Sandi Toxic
was raised by wolves inside a disused clay pit near Lanjeth. You can befriend her on FaceBook here. She is still quite feral.

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