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Deadpool dead good

By fortean editor Raven Akki

Posted February 13, 2016
deadpool gets thumbs up from raven akki
Deadpool: You can watch down the cinema, apparently. © 20th Century Fox

Raven Akki's just watched 'Deadpool' and he reckons it's some bleddy smart film, meht.

Deadpool, the least superheroy superhero.

A Marvel fan favourite which many feared would have been a disaster after X-Men Origins: Wolverine and then the looming fear of Green Lantern.

Do not fear, it is a masterstroke of non-stop fun!

There's a few things I would change but in honesty I'm not going to get bogged down in that because although a short film it's definitely a wild ride.

Ryan Reynolds is absolutely terrific as Wade Wilson (in fairness, everyone is terrific; even Stan Lee in his dirtiest cameo ever) but his breaking of the fourth wall is always a comedic delight.

Hell, even the opening credits had me rolling in the theatre.

I've found myself quoting the film more than once already, so it's gotta be good.

Go out and watch it if you can.

If not, well, wait until it's available to buy, I guess.

Chief hack's note: Cheers, Raven. But what were you rolling in the cinema? I thought everywhere was non-smoking in Cornwall these days.

Anyway, if you like superheroes and a damn good giggle at the same time, make sure you also get your electronic hands on
Normalized by the excellent David Bussell, which can be yours to read for a very reasonable price here.

Admittedly, I still haven't written a review of it yet (although it is on my ever growing to-do list; sorry, Dave), but trust me, it's
seriously well funny and I'm not even into superheroes (except Bananaman and the Brown Bottle, of course).

But back to
Deadpool, the trailer for which Raven showed me down the pub a few weeks ago. Like I say, it's not really my cup of cinematic tea but even I thought it looked pretty entertaining. So here's that very trailer now, embedded on the film-tastic Rake & Herald from 20th Century Fox's YouTube channel, which you can check out here.

See also Buy Bussell's book, posted 26/2/14, and Justin Bieber to draw Batman, posted 27/2/14, among others.

Raven Akki
is the host of Fortean Talks and Trufax. You can check out his YouTube channels here and here. So get clicking, yeah?

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