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Cowboy Builders

By editorial assistant Sandi Toxic

Posted April 05, 2018
Cowboy Builders
Milk and eight sugars, ta: What joker put that in? © Ignatius Rake

Check out this glorious ode to shoddy workmanship by R&H taxi columnist Sherbet Trotter.

R&H taxi columnist Sherbet Trotter isn't just a cabbie and nor is he just an excellent columnist.

No, for our Sherbet is also a musician.

In fact, he's also a musician who appears to have a had a few run-ins with dodgy builders.

And if you don't believe me, get a load of this ace little masterpiece he penned to the tune of Rhinestone Cowboy.

We reckon it's tops.

But then, everything Sherbet does is tops.

Respect, sir.

Tarmac your drive?

Check out Sherbet's YouTube channel for more ace songs here.

Meanwhile, show the world your love for cowboy builders with this fantastic Rake Clag T-shirt that you can order by clicking the pic below.

Hey, prices start at just $12.95 (£9.25) for a classic tee, so what's stopping you?

Go on.

You know you want to.

After all, it's a heck of a lot cheaper than getting the builders in.

i built the pyramids t-shirt
Click the pic: And order your Rake Clag T-shirts today! © Ignatius Rake

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Sherbet Trotter is a Newquay, Cornwall-based taxi driver who writes books, films and songs and who gave that Rake bloke a lift the other day. We liked the cut of his jib so we immediately gave him a column.

Engage with the Rake & Herald on FaceBook here and Twitter here. Better still, buy a T-shirt here.

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