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Brighton Breakfast

By editorial assistant Sandi Toxic

Posted March 07, 2014
supine orchestra
Supines on stage: From left to right, Kev Stanley, Rich Sykes and Joel Kendrick. © John S Wright

Supine Orchestra release sneak preview of forthcoming album and it is good. It is very good indeed.


Coventry-based acerbic super strummers Supine Orchestra have released a "cheeky promo" single ahead of the imminent release of their third studio album Marek's Camp, which will be out at the end of this month on Half Eaten Records1.

Having never met the Marek in question, we here at the Rake & Herald can't honestly say whether he's really that camp or not, but what we can tell you is that the "cheeky promo" is called Brighton Breakfast and it's A1 top bollock.

And I don't just mean any old top bollock.

I mean a top bollock taken straight from the proverbial dog itself then electroplated with platinum and gold to a depth of four inches before being drizzled with liquid rubies and sapphires.

Or something.

Either way, it's bloody good and has all the hallmarks of a Supine classic.

"Brighton Breakfast is a collection of ideas based around dirty, drunken weekends at the seaside which is both affectionate and piss-taking of the antics of dirty old Peter Stringfellow types you see propping up the bar and strutting their stuff through the caravan park," lead singer Rich Sykes exclusively tells the Rake & Herald via the Book of Face.

Featuring a jaunty upbeat melody that gets right into your skull like syphilis but in a far more pleasant way and which doesn't send you mad before killing you, the song also sees the Supines complimenting their traditional acoustic arsenal of sonic attack weapons with the addition of electric licks as the tune progresses, something that makes us think of the excellent My Favourite Rock 'n' Roll Death off their début album Stumble, Mumble... Talk.

What's more, the lyrics to Brighton Breakfast are full of the band's typically cutting observations that, as previously stated on the Rake & Herald, puts them squarely in the same wordpark as the legendary Half Man Half Biscuit.

Kicking off with the lines "sugar on the lips / put a lifetime on my lizard hips", the song then goes on to throw in such gems as "it's two-for-one, the shots are free / let's go out drinking with the divorcees" and "you're my static caravan / but I'm a faded awning / and I look like Robert Smith in the morning".

But is this true?

Does Rich really look like the hairspray-heavy Cure frontman after he's had a skin full?

"As for me with a hangover, I can only wish I did look as good as Robert Smith at his most haggard," he says.

So that's probably a no then.

rich sykes
No sign of a hangover: Rich not looking like Robert Smith in the slightest. © John S Wright

But what about the bloody album?

Well, fortunately, I remembered to ask Rich just such a question.

"The album is probably a more upbeat offering than our previous two, with a broad range of references to anything from manatees to the Norwegian black metal scene, drinking and the microcosm and macrocosm of love," he replies, pardoning my French.

"We have a launch night on March 28 at the Grand Union in Leamington Spa and various Warwickshire dates through April, including Tump Folk Club, Coventry on April 24."

Furthermore, they'll also be playing the Wild Boar in Warwick itself this coming May 10.

So, if you didn't get given a diary at Christmas, now is the time to buy one and scribble in all those dates.

You'd also better remember to reheel your drinking boots as well because the Wild Boar in particular was last year voted Pub of the Year by the Campaign for Real Ale's Heart of Warwickshire chapter.

Shit hot!

Supine Orchestra are ace.

And here now to prove it is the aforementioned Brighton Breakfast, proudly embedded on the Rake & Herald from the band's SoundCloud page or whatever you're meant to call it.

And heck, while I'm at it, I might as well bung up My Favourite Rock 'n' Roll Death from exactly the same source.

Get on!

Good luck with the album and gigs and big, big cheers for the quotes, Rich!

See also Black Funky Metal, posted 26/3/13, and Supine is sublime, posted 14/6/12.

Sandi Toxic
was raised by wolves inside a disused clay pit near Lanjeth. You can befriend her on FaceBook here. She is still quite feral.


1) We understand that the Half Eaten website's undergoing a bit of a rejig at the mo so if that link doesn't work, don't fret. The new Supine Orchestra album will still be coming out with the catalogue number HER15. So there.

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