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World Beer Cup winners announced

By editorial assistant Sandi Toxic

Posted April 12, 2014
world cup winners
Victory! Oh, hang on. That's the wrong World Cup. (Check bottom for credit)

More than 250 breweries from 22 countries win a total of 281 gongs in "one of the largest commercial beer competitions to date".

The US Brewers Association (BA) has announced the results of the 2014 World Beer Cup.

The gongs were presented at the end of the Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America® in Denver, Colorado, with a BA press release describing this year's event as "drawing the highest number of entries" ever.

Indeed, the 10th instalment of this biennial bash saw some 4,754 beers from 1,403 breweries across 58 countries battling it out for beery glory, "a 21% increase in the number of entries from the 2012 World Beer Cup, which had 3,921 entries".

Proving the international flavour of the competition, brewers from 22 countries across five continents, ranging from Australia and Brazil to Taiwan and the UK, lifted gold, silver or bronze laurels for their mouth-watering tipples.

Indeed, 281 out of 282 total possible awards were ultimately dished out for the 94 beer style categories covered.

This year's event, the BA says, "was particularly competitive; the proportion of winning breweries winning one or more awards was 18%, compared to 27% in 2012".

At the same time, there was a 75.6% increase in the number of breweries competing this year, up from 799 two years ago.

In line with this, a total of 253 breweries took home awards this year, 16.6% more than was the case in 2012.

"Brewers from around the globe participate in the World Beer Cup to win recognition for their creativity and brewing skills," says BA president Charlie Papazian.

"For a brewer, a World Beer Cup gold award allows them to say that their winning beer represents the best of that beer style in the world."

While there are simply too many results to be listed here on the Rake & Herald, a PDF of the full results can nonetheless be freely downloaded here.

However, what we can tell you, yes YOU, our cherished and beloved readers, is that the "elite international panel of judges" consisted of 219 lucky lads and ladies from 31 countries, which, when you think about it, is a pretty big panel.

Mind you, they certainly had their work cut out.

Working in teams "to conduct blind tasting evaluations of the beers and determine the awards", these jammy gits were "drawn from the ranks of professional brewers and brewing industry experts", 76% of whom came from outside the US.

In terms of category trends, the BA reports that the average number of beers entered per category was up from 41 last time around to a new figure of 50.

Meanwhile, the most entered category was, probably not that surprisingly, American-Style India Pale Ales (IPAs), which attracted 223 entries, nearly twice the 121 entries for the next most entered category, American-Style Pale Ale.

This was closely followed by Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer, which saw a full Nelson of beers vying for a gong (or 111 if you don't play cricket).

In all, 226 breweries won one award; 26 won two; but only one won three.

But who was it that scooped that hat trick?

Well, as we are currently in the process of moving office, I simply haven't got the time to go through all the results and tell you so you'd better get downloading and then work it out yourself, hadn't you?

Slack, I know, but at least we're honest about it.

Plus the dog ate the print-off and then I forgot my PE kit because, because, because.

But enough of all that because, because, because, according to competition manager Chris Swersey, "this is the most diverse set of winning breweries in any World Beer Cup".

What's more, the BA says, the non-US entry rate and winning rate "tracked very closely in the 2014 competition, with 28% of beers entered coming from outside the US and 27% of awards going to beers entered from outside the US".

The competition, it continues, also "bestows Champion Brewery and Champion Brewmaster awards in each of five brewery categories based on the awards won by each brewery".

And they are, drum roll, please:


Pelican Brewery

Darron Welch and Steve Panos


Coronado Brewing Company

Coronado Brewing Company team


Coors Brewing Company

Dr David Ryder


Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant

Iron Hill Brewery team


Blind Tiger Brewery & Restaurant

John Dean

Massive congratulations all round to every brewery/brewer who entered, whether they won something or not.

Naturally, we would like to sample all of your wares for the purposes of journalistic research, so please send them to us forthwith once we've completed our move.

Or you could just leave them behind the bar for us and I'll pick them up later.

Up to you really.

But who, I hear you all clamour, was the official logistics supplier to the competition?


Germany's DB Schenker, of course.

"The years of experience as well as the perfect interaction within our global network have proven themselves," Jochen Müller, the Schenker board member responsible for air freight and sports and event logistics, says in a completely different press release aimed at a totally different readership but which I thought I'd bung in anyway.

"It is particularly important as a large part of the brewery's customers do have only little export experience and food imports to the USA are subject to special requirements."

"This is a big deal for the brewing industry," adds CEO Malcolm Heath.

"With our worldwide network, DB Schenker is ideally placed to bring the shipments in time to the competition."

So there.

Remember, you read it here first.

Or somewhere else.

Either way, you read it and I guess that's what counts.

Bloody hell, they've just taken my sodding desk!

See also Dunham Porter best UK winter beer, posted 19/2/14.

Sandi Toxic
was raised by wolves inside a disused clay pit near Lanjeth. You can befriend her on FaceBook here. She is still quite feral.

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Top and thumb: The victorious England rugby team after winning the 2004 Rugby World Cup by BombDog.

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