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Wise advice

By Michelin tyre master chef Gus King

Posted July 27, 2015
wise advice for anyone who cooks with chillies
Hot stuff: A habanero yesterday. © Gus King

Gus King has some wise words for anyone cooking with chillies.

If you're chopping chillies and you need a piss, make sure you wash your hands first.

I thought I'd got the clap.


See also Fusion fish fingers, posted 26/5/15.

When we found Gus King passed out by the bins, we just had to give him a job. He now shares his culinary secrets with YOU, the discerning readers of the Rake & Herald, for just a bottle of cheap sherry a week. Remember: "Cooking is simple with Gus King!" He won his Michelin tyre in a raffle.

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