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Wing Bowl results: WIP statement

By chief hack Ignatius Rake

Posted February 11, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Wing Bowl organiser issues statement to the R&H regarding this year's results.

This year's Wing Bowl in Philadelphia, which saw Molly Schuyler edging out Patrick 'Deep Dish' Bertoletti to land the chicken-covered crown and a top prize of $22,000 (£13,350), led some to question the validity of the result, including a number of our cherished and beloved readers who took the time to write to us expressing their views.

While we here at the Rake & Herald felt at no point that we were in a position to comment one way or the other, we did feel it our duty to all parties concerned to contact SportsRadio 94WIP (WIP), the event's organiser, regarding the matter.

We have now received the following reply via email:

"WIP has successfully conducted Wing Bowl for 22 years and has always been committed to conducting a fair and legitimate eating competition."

"The rules of the competition state that prior to the start of Wing Bowl, contestants will witness a demonstration of the minimum amount of meat that must be eaten on a wing in order for it to be counted in the final tally."

"Throughout the three sessions of competition, including two 14 minute rounds, and a final two minute round, a team of experienced judges and tabulators work closely together, counting the number of wings each eater consumes within the allotted time limit."

"Results are then reviewed by the radio station's controller and double checked for accuracy."

"We stand by the integrity of the judging, calculations and impartiality of the radio station."

"WIP has no incentive in the outcome and prides itself on a fair competition."

"Patrick Bertoletti is a great eater and competitor."

"He topped Kobayashi's record and absence Molly Schuyler's presence, would have won."

"We sincerely hope that Patrick will be back for Wing Bowl 23."

See also Molly wins Wing Bowl XXII, posted 31/1/14, and Wing Bowl: The eaters' perspective, posted 7/2/14.

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