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US craft beer ads set to rise

By rag picker Reg Pecker

Posted June 03, 2014
rag picker

North American readers can expect to see more craft beer ads shortly.

While it's somewhat unlikely that they will be spunking up anywhere near the $2.7bn (£1.6bn) that Anheuser-Busch InBev and MolsonCoors together laid out on ads in North America last year, the region's larger craft brewers nevertheless look set to up their strategic ad spends this year.

According to a report in The Street, North American Breweries (NAB) "and its nearly 340,000 barrels [40.5m litres] of production" is "just one of the forces driving a big craft commercial push in 2014".

Meanwhile, the report also names The Craft Brew Alliance as giving its Hawaiian Kona brand "a push this year", noting the brand's sales "jumped nearly 17% last year after increasing 27% the year before".

Likewise, New Belgium Brewing "is going into Year 2 of its 'Pairs Well With People' commercial campaign that hit YouTube, Hulu and elsewhere in 2013", launching "three new 30-second spots and a few 15-second ads" this year in an attempt "to make people in its growing 37-state territory more aware of its bike-and-brew culture".

"There's a chance we could be seeing more craft beer commercials on various screens in the near future," the article concludes.

"They don't have to be as ubiquitous as Budweiser, Miller, Coors or even Blue Moon ads: they just need to be where their drinkers are."

Which kinda makes sense, I guess.

Anyway, here's the latest Kona ad, embedded here on Rake & Herald from Konabrewingco's YouTube channel, which you can check out here if the mood so takes you.

We have yet to sample this particular brew so we can't say whether it's any good or not, but we'd be more than happy to write a review if someone sent us a crate or two.

Or three.

For nothing.


Read the full story here.

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