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Update: Miki out of Nathan's

By editorial assistant Sandi Toxic

Posted July 01, 2013

NEWSFLASH!!! Miki Sudo has now confirmed to the R&H that she won't be eating at this year's Nathan's.

In news we would really rather not be reporting, Miki Sudo has confirmed that she will not be competing at Thursday's Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest.

"Yes, the Las Vegas Sun article is correct," she exclusively informs the Rake & Herald by email.

"I've decided to sit out the competition on the fourth."

"Instead, I'll be cheering on my fellow eaters and I hope you'll enjoy what's sure to be a great show."

"I'm looking forward to many great events coming up in the season and I wish everyone the best on Thursday."

The Rake & Herald will bring you, our cherished and beloved readers, more details as and when we have them.

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