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Up in the air for Ozzle ale

By editorial assistant Sandi Toxic

Posted February 08, 2016
st austell brewery signs deal with british airways
Booze cruising at 30,000 ft: St Austell Tribute to be served on BA flights. © St Austell Brewery

British Airways passengers to get St Austell Tribute.

St Austell Brewery, the Rake & Herald's most local brewery, has signed a deal with British Airways (BA) that will see its flagship 4.2% Tribute Cornish Pale Ale beer available on board all but the airline’s domestic flights as of this coming March 1.

Which is next month, apparently.

Anyway, Tribute, so a press release says, is "one of the fastest growing premium ale brands in the UK", with this "historic" agreement set to "open up the hugely successful Cornish brand to millions of the airline's customers every year", who will be able to sup it in specially commissioned 330 ml cans.

"Tribute Cornish Pale Ale has experienced huge success over recent years, but this agreement truly marks it out as the beer of the moment," says St Austell's managing director James Staughton.

"It is testament to the quality and flavour of our locally produced beer and also to the growing strength of the unique Cornish identity that Tribute was chosen as the only ale to be served on all British Airways flights."

"This is a historic day for St Austell Brewery and we are thrilled that passengers will be able to enjoy a true taste of Cornwall while flying all around the world."

Tribute, so the press release continues, "was selected as part of a move to offer the airline's customers a taste of premium regional brands from across the length and breadth of the UK".

What's more, "it will be available for all customers flying long haul and for those in Club Europe on short-haul flights, as well as in British Airways' network of global lounges".

Which must be really big lounges, with a name like that.

"St Austell Brewery's beer is the best of British so we're delighted to offer it to customers in our lounges and on board our flights," adds Troy Warfield, BA director of customer experience.

"We're very proud to bring one of Britain's premium regional beers to a wider audience so they can appreciate this perfectly balanced brew and enjoy a taste of one of the South West's most popular brews."

Unlike some of them posh airlines I fly on, BA, the same press release states, "offers complimentary in-flight dining and drinks, including a wide range of alcohol from the in-flight bar, to customers in every cabin of the airline's long- and short-haul flights".

Meanwhile, founded in 1851 by Cornishman Walter Hicks, St Austell "remains an independent and family-owned business, offering a wide range of top-quality award-winning beers and operating an estate of 170 pubs, inns and hotels".

Tribute, which started life as Daylight Robbery to mark the solar eclipse in 1999, was the first ale created for St Austell by head brewer Roger Ryman.

It is now the company's best-selling beer.

And they probably sell a few pints of it as well given that last year St Austell "reached the landmark figure of 100,000 brewers' barrels of its own-brand beers brewed and sold in a calendar year – the first time the milestone amount has been reached in the independent company's [then] 164-year history".

St Austell Brewery "is already making waves abroad with more than 20 countries around the world enjoying beers created by the UK's top regional brewer".

Indeed, hundreds of barrels are exported from Cornwall each month to such exotic places as Brazil, Japan, Canada and Devon.

The most far-flung consumers "live 10,000 miles away in New Zealand, where it takes seven weeks for St Austell Brewery deliveries to arrive by ship".

Which is a lot quicker than it used to take to order a record down Saffron Records back in the days when the town still had shops.

It'll be in on Monday.

Definitely Wednesday.

See also St Austell gets creative, posted 23/11/15, among others.

Sandi Toxic
was raised by wolves inside a disused clay pit near Lanjeth. You can befriend her on FaceBook here. She is still quite feral.

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