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Tring goes colour mental

By thirsty hack Ignatius Rake

Posted July 15, 2013
tring brewery uses applied colour psychology in rebranding its real ales
Colour is key: Tring unveils its new pump clips. © Tring Brewery

Tring becomes first UK brewer to use 'applied colour psychology' to appeal to drinkers.

Hertfordshire, UK-based Tring Brewery has today (St Swithin's Day; 15/7/13) unleashed a new look for its range of real ales that uses "applied colour psychology to appeal to beer drinkers".

As such, Tring, so a company press release says, is quite possibly the first UK brewer to employ this technique and in so doing "recognise the importance of colour in influencing emotion, mood and behaviour".

Starting with its pump clips, the rebranding unifies "its look and [increases] its appeal to new and existing customers".

The beer names, the press release adds, are "derived from local characters, literature or legends with new illustrations produced to represent these stories and reinforce the brewery's connection with its locality".

For example, Bring Me Sunshine, a 4.2% seasonal ale, is named in honour of local comedy legend Eric Morecombe while 3.6% Side Pocket for a Toad references a local Hertfordshire saying and 4.3% Moongazer the town of Tring itself.

"Since our inception over 20 years ago, we have constantly worked to offer a comprehensive range of styles to appeal to a wide audience," says the brewery's marketing manager Ben Marston.

"The results of years of dedication, the use of highest quality ingredients and evolving audience required that we refined all product branding, giving each beer the presence it deserves."

"We now have a cohesive design formula rather than a mish-mash of designs all taking cues from different stages in the brewery's past."

Applied colour psychology, the press release reveals, is "a practise whereby colours are used to influence viewers' or consumers' behavioural patterns" and has to date been employed by such diverse firms and brands as Shell, Bowyers, BT, Lancôme, Procter & Gamble, the Body Shop and Boots among others.

Yes, Bowyers sausages.

Makes you think, dunnit?

According to the press release, the first task was to identify one of four main 'personality groups' that best represented the brewery and its products.

A link to a specific colour palette was then established before a final range of colours could be extracted.

In the end, 'Firelight', apparently also known as 'the autumn group', was chosen as it uses "warm, comforting tones and avoids harsh black and white".

Importantly, such colours also "reflect the importance of heritage for Tring Brewery, their core values, use of natural ingredients and interest in its environment": a message that the brewery "is keen to convey".

"These warm, natural colours are appetising and attractive," says Ben's wife Kate, the founder of KM Design that undertook the rebranding.

"They have been selected to sit alongside each product, as well as saying something important about the brewery and its values."

"This, along with maintaining recognisable elements of past pump clips, is key to the success of this rebrand for Tring Brewery".

"You cannot underestimate the importance of colour and that if you get this wrong your customers feel uneasy even if they can't put their finger on why this is."

While Tring's role was that of client, Ben, the press release notes, nonetheless contributed to the project not only through direction, but also "in creating all the new illustrations which stylistically are a bold departure from the past water colour-based images".

However, it was Kate's skills "that have resulted in the successful assembly of all the typographic, pattern and compositional elements of the clips", which "have moved away from [their] distinctive triangle and now use a shield shape".

Triangles, though, still feature in the new designs "as this reflects the heritage of the brewery which was originally located in the historic area of Tring known as the Tring Triangle".

So there.

Quite fancy a pint myself now.

Must be all them colours.

For more information on applied colour psychology, have a click of this.

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