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The riddle of the beans

By Michelin tyre master chef Gus King

Posted February 15, 2013
baked beans are ace but what are they and how do you cook baked beans?
Baked beans: A delicacy more mysterious than Rennes-le-Château. © Ignatius Rake

Master chef Gus King throws light on the mysterious world of baked beans.

Baked beans are ace.

But how do you cook them?

F--k knows.


When we found Gus King passed out by the bins, we just had to give him a job. He now shares his culinary secrets with YOU, the discerning readers of the Rake & Herald, in four sentences or fewer for just a bottle of cheap sherry a week. Remember: "Cooking is simple with Gus King!" He won his Michelin tyre in a raffle.

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