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St Austell launches Mena Dhu

By editorial assistant Sandi Toxic

Posted November 05, 2015
St Austell Brewery launches Mena Dhu Cornish Stout
Mena Dhu from St Austell: Looks ansum, dunnum? © St Austell Brewery

St Austell Brewery marks International Stout Day with launch of Mena Dhu Cornish Stout.

St Austell Brewery is marking International Stout Day today (5/11/15) with the launch of Mena Dhu Cornish Stout at the Samuel Jones Smoke & Ale House1 up north in Exeter.

Meaning Black Hill in the Celtic Cornish language, Mena Dhu, a press release states, "is a unique blend created from six varieties of malt", viz pale, crystal, chocolate, malted oats, smoked malt and roasted barley, plus fuggles hops to boot.

Meanwhile, "a subtle addition of liquorice root has also been added to give extra complexity".

The upshot, the brewery says, is a "complex and flavoursome" brew that "is also deceptively light and refreshing with a subtle oak-smoked aroma, hints of dark chocolate on the palate and hues of liquorice to finish".

Initially, the 4.5% stout will only be available on draught and in 500-ml bottle-conditioned bottles across Cornwall and the south-western parts of Up Country.

However, the brewery is hoping to widen distribution to the rest of the UK "very soon".

"I am really excited to be introducing Mena Dhu stout to our range of award winning beers," says St Austell's brewing director and head brewer Roger Ryman.

"Mena Dhu completes our range of beers such that we can now offer a beer to suit every palate and occasion, be it a clean crisp lager, bright and zesty IPA or a rich and wholesome stout."

"Mena Dhu is our first dark beer for some time and I am delighted with the balance, flavour and presentation of this beer."

"Mena Dhu is a complex and satisfying brew that puts others in the dark!"

the menacuddle monster
St Austell's mystery beast: The Menacuddle Monster © Ignatius Rake

Admittedly, we here at the St Austell-headquartered Rake & Herald have yet to try the drink in question, but if it's anything like Proper Job, Big Job, Tribute or HSD, we are convinced it will kick mighty big buttock.

"St Austell Brewery has been knocking out some cracking pints these past few years," slurs Rake & Herald booze editor Dr Miltov Lamprey (struck off).

"7.2% Big Job in particular is flippin' marvellous."

"In fact, I can't get enough of it."


"I'm barred from the offie until I wipe up that sick from the other night."

"But anyway, in the same kidney that Big Job is a fuller-strength version of Proper Job, I reckon St Austell should bring out a 9% version of Mena Dhu and call it Menacuddle Monster after that big black beast thing that stalks the woods round St Austell."

"I'll help with the tasting it if they want."

"I can even store a few crates for 'em as well."

See also Victory for St Austell!, posted 20/3/15, and Big black beast stalks Cornish wood, posted 10/8/15, among others.

Sandi Toxic
was raised by wolves inside a disused clay pit near Lanjeth. You can befriend her on FaceBook here. She is still quite feral.


1) According to the press release, "the Samuel Jones in Exeter serves a constantly changing range of 18 craft ales from around the world", including the Americas. "The historic venue in Exeter's waterfront district," it continues, "was transformed by St Austell Brewery a year ago into a modern, industrial-feel pub and restaurant." Meanwhile, St Austell Brewery, which is across the road from where I went to Sixth Form, "has been brewing real ale in Cornwall since 1851 and runs 169 historic and picturesque pubs, hotels and inns across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset". So there. I think their pints are ansum.

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