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September sandwich shocker

By sandwich expert John Blokker

Posted September 21, 2012
Ploughman's cheddar and pickle sandwich shocker
Saptember's sandwich: Cheese and pickle, apparently. (Check bottom for credit)

The British Sandwich Association (BSA) reports that its sandwich of the month for September is Cheddar cheese with Branston Pickle.

According to a BSA press release, Cheddar is not only "number one with consumers making sandwiches at home, but it is also a top favourite when we go out and buy our sarnies at lunchtime".

"Indeed," the press release continues, "the Association calculates that we eat over 20,000 tonnes of Cheddar in commercially made sandwiches every year."

Furthermore, some 119m cheese and pickle sandwiches are consumed in the time it takes the Earth to do a full lap round that big fiery orb thing in the sky.

The sun, that it is.

Yeah, we mean a year.

One hundred and nineteen million cheese and pickle sandwiches a year.

Although Joey 'Jaws' Chestnut could probably do twice that in an hour.

By the way, while it's not stated explicitly in the press release, we kind of assume the above stats refer to the UK, where the commercial sandwich market apparently "employs in excess of 300,000 people".

But, of course, we could be wrong.

But not about Joey Chestnut.

He's phenomenal.

Describing itself as "the trade body representing the sandwich industry both in the UK and overseas, including both commercially made sandwiches and the ingredients used for making sandwiches in the home", the BSA reveals that its sandwich of the month initiative "is part of the celebrations for the 250th anniversary of the sandwich this year".

In support of this culinary milestone, the producers of Branston Pickle, "another consumer favourite", the press release states, "are also putting up a special competition prize for the month – a £100 wicker hamper with glasses, plates and cutlery plus cheddar and Branston".

Apparently, anyone who enters "will also have an opportunity to win a holiday in the Sandwich Islands", viz those islands in the Pacific that are generally known today as the US state of Hawaii.

Book 'em, Danno!

More information, including how to enter, can be found here.

The Cheddar thing, incidentally, is intended to coincide with British Cheese Week, which starts tomorrow and runs until September 30.

Not that that's gonna mean much to you if you're a vegan or, like me, you don't like cheese.

Anyway, if after 250 years you're still new to the concept of a sandwich and not too sure how to make one, you might want to watch the following video starring celebrity chef to the stars and Rake & Herald food editor Pierre Gunka:

Pierre Gunka Makes a Sandwich from Ignatius Rake on Vimeo.

Just remember to use a hammer and plenty of crisps.

By the way, the press release also includes detailed instructions on how to make a Ploughman's sandwich using Cheddar, pickle, ham, tomatoes and/or an apple.

For some reason, we couldn't be arsed to run it but if you would like to receive the said recipe, send us an email and we'll pass it on to you.

If we haven't lost it, that is.

Picture credit

Top and thumb: A Ploughman's sarnie consisting of Cheddar, pickle, ham, tomatoes and/or apple. As it came with the press release we'll assume the copyright belongs to either the BSA, the PR firm who sent it to us or the unnamed photographer hired by the said PR firm to snap it in the first place. Who knows? Your guess is as good as ours.

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September sandwich shocker

Ploughman's cheddar and pickle sandwich shocker

The British Sandwich Association (BSA) reports that its sandwich of the month for September is Cheddar cheese with Branston Pickle.

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