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RIP Xanadu

By chief hack Ignatius Rake

Posted October 01, 2015
RIP Stephanie 'Xanadu' Torres
All power to you: Stephanie 'Xanadu' Torres in 2014. © Stephanie Torres

The R&H pays tribute to competitive eater Stephanie 'Xanadu' Torres, who died yesterday (30/9/15).

It is with great shock and sadness that the Rake & Herald has learned of the passing of Stephanie 'Xanadu' Torres.

While we on this side of the Atlantic never physically met Stephanie, as competitive eating fans we were nonetheless touched by her radiant character and truly heroic feats of gurgitation.

To us, she always seemed like a genuinely warm person with a great sense of fun and humility.

Not to mention her superhuman scarfing abilities and exceptional taste in hats.

As such, it was a true honour to run an interview with her earlier this year.

In that interview, she talked not only of the sport in which she shone, dazzled, amazed and enthralled, but also of her many interests outside gurgitation, including music, poetry, dance, travel and cooking.

She also offered the following advice to any would-be competitive eaters out there:

"Just have fun and keep it fun."

For you, Xanadu, we'll seek to do just that.

Here's to you, ma'am.

Hats off indeed.

See also Stephanie says, posted 19/3/15, and Xanadu eats to the beat, posted 2/12/13.

At press time, it was not clear how Stephanie died. Our thoughts are with her, her family and her friends.

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