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Pizza fries!

By MLE competitive eater Tracy 'Mmm Mmm' Goode

Posted June 02, 2013
pizza fries invented by tracy 'mmm mmm' goode
Fan-bloody-tastic: I'll have some of that, mate! © Tracy Goode

Gurgitator + drummer – comma = pizza fries. Check out Tracy 'Mmm Mmm' Goode's kick-arse new recipe today!

Back in January this year I was speaking with one of the UK's best drummers through FaceBook.

Birmingham's best rock band the Crimson Star's drummer Ross Edgington and I were comparing and contrasting the different types of restaurants in our countries.

Ross inquired if the States had any fry shops.

I, being the ugly American I am, was unaware of what that was.

Ross informed me it's a place that fries up different types of food, such as "fish, pizza fries & other things".

I noticed the lack of comma between pizza and fries and thought WTF are pizza fries?!

He explained his grammatical error, but I couldn't get passed the idea how flippin' great pizza fries sounded, so we talked about how we could make them.

What type of fries?

What toppings?

What cheeses?

How would you bake them?

So to celebrate the American holiday known as the Super Bowl this year I decided to bring pizza fries to life!

1 container of Italian sausage

1 diced package of pepperoni

1 small can of sliced olives (It's a real bitch to slice an olive. Try doing it. I'm not lying.)

2 cups of diced mushrooms

1 jar of Classico pizza sauce

4 cups of mozzarella cheese

1 bag of frozen French fries

1) Follow the baking instructions on the package of fries. I prefer to bake them. It's a little healthier but then again it is pizza fries.

2) Brown sausage, drain grease.

3) Prep other toppings of your choice as instructed above.

4) Once the fries are done and while still warm, pour the sauce on them evenly and then evenly place on the toppings.

5) Spread the cheese on the fries as desired.

6) Place back in oven until the cheese is melted.

7) Enjoy the f--k out of some PIZZA FRIES!

Thanks, Mmm Mmm! You are now officially recognised as a bone fide Rake & Herald celebrity chef, so shove that up your jinker, Jamie bloody Oliver. Fifteen-minute meals indeed. Never seen you get published on the R&H!

Do you have a revolutionary new recipe that will set the world (or probably just the kitchen) on fire? If so, send it to us by email along with a picture (a crayon drawing will do) and we'll bung it up for all to see. Although don't hold your breathe because we tend to work on a pretty geological timescale round here. We won't pay you anything either but the bucketloads of kudos you'll reap as a result will be worth more than all the gold on Earth. Or something. Either way, send us your recipes. Then maybe we'll be able to get Gordon Ramsey to make us a sweary sandwich.

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