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Pasty museum to open in Par

By rag picker Reg Pecker

Posted February 10, 2016
Pasty museum to open in Par

Cornish pasty museum to open next year.

The world's first pasty museum [incorrect: see corrigendum below] looks set to open in the Cornish town of Par towards the beginning of next year.

According to a report in the St Austell Voice, it will be part of a 1,200 m2 "new food and drink visitor attraction" called Cornucopia "in tribute to the county's fabulous choice of food and drink".

It is understood that WMC Retail Partners is "the company behind the development", with "an award-winning pasty producer, a brewery and local restaurant chain Sam's Cornwall already on board".

Precise details regarding the museum and how much it will cost to get in, however, remain scant.

As regular readers of the Rake & Herald will know, Par boasts a long list of world firsts, including giving the planet its first ever Cornish punk-jazz band in the guise of the now defunct Black and White Menstrual Show (from Par).

The Ship Inn in neighbouring Polmear also does a cracking carvery.

It is hoped that visitors to the museum will also make a beeline to the nearby megatropolis of St Austell, which, among other things, boasts a two-headed horse, a giant brass turd and an ever-growing number of junkies.

Read the full story here.

Chief hack's note: And talking of pasties, here's Jethro making one on the Generation Game. Bleddy ansum, meht. But where's the turnip to?

The above vid is embedded here on the pasty-tastic
Rake & Herald from nave221's YouTube channel, which you can check out here. Hat tip: Wolfgang Bang.

It appears that Reg Pecker dropped a bollock with this one.

As pointed out by a number of readers, the world's first pasty museum actually opened in Real del Monte in Mexico back in 2011.

More on that here.

Reg has now been beheaded and shoved down a well.

The Rake & Herald apologises unreservedly for his disgusting act of human fallibility.

It is perhaps no coincidence that this whole despicable episode occurred shortly after our senior fact checker Gitmouse tragically passed away.

Reg Pecker's family will now be shot.

Meanwhile, for your chance to WIN, WIN, WIN, don't forget to enter our fantastic find-a-typo competition that will run until the end of time.

This update: 11/2/16.

See also Cornish towbar perv hits Newquay, posted 8/12/15.

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