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Out come the gongs

By thirsty hack Ignatius Rake

Posted March 27, 2013
excellent elland 1872 porter wins CAMRA Champion Winter Beer of Britain Award Cheltenham Motor Club named National Club of the Year
And the winner is... Actually, that might be a different competition. (Check bottom for credit)

CAMRA to present Elland Brewery with CWBOB award tomorrow while Cheltenham Motor Club named National Club of the Year.

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) will tomorrow (28/3/13) present the Leeds, UK-based Elland Brewery with its gong for winning the Champion Winter Beer of Britain (CWBOB) Award with its "excellent" 1872 Porter.

According to a CAMRA press release that has just plonked down into our inbox, the presentation ceremony will take place at the Grove Inn in Leeds at 14:00 local time and simultaneously recognise the various other category winners announced at the National Winter Ales Festival in Manchester this past January.

"Porter was once the most popular drink in Britain but along with historic styles, such as Old Ale and Barley Wine, was until fairly recently in serious danger of disappearing from our pubs altogether," CAMRA director Nik Antona is quoted as saying.

"Thankfully these beers are now becoming more common on bars up and down the country as more and more people discover the joys of real ale, and as such the Champion Winter Beer of Britain Awards celebrate these delicious 'winter warmer' style beers in the hope they are never relegated to the history books."

"We are now privileged to be in elite company with Nethergate Old Growler and Robinson's Old Tom as the only double winners of the CWBOB award," Elland Brewery owner Mark Smith apparently adds.

"It really is a great honour for us but it wouldn't have been possible without CAMRA organising and promoting these events; all the judges who have appreciated the beer and voted for it; all the landlords who have bought and served it in great condition; and finally all the people who have drunk and enjoyed it – thank you one and all!"

Meanwhile in other news, CAMRA, in association with Club Mirror, has named the Cheltenham Motor Club in, surprisingly enough, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire as its National Club of the Year.

According to a different CAMRA press release, the club "blew away the judges" with its "excellent selection of quality real ale thanks to the high level of cellarmanship by club steward Neil Way".

No way!

Well done.

"The long established CAMRA Club of the Year, run in conjunction with Club Mirror magazine, is the only competition which rewards clubs for the quality of their real ales," says John Holland, chairman of CAMRA's Club Committee and Club of The Year competition coordinator.

"As to be expected, all four finalists exhibited great commitment to serving their members real ales in tip-top condition so therefore the judges had a very difficult task to find a winner."

"However, the range of beer styles available at the Cheltenham Motor Club was a deciding factor."

"The subsequent judging proved a difficult – though enjoyable – task," reports Club Mirror editor Sean Ferris.

"The professionalism of real ale clubs and the quality of service is immensely impressive."

"As a member of CAMRA for quite a few years, on a personal level it is one of my biggest personal achievements," Neil states.

"I am devoted to real ale and to win such a coveted award makes me immensely proud."

"On a club level, we are both shocked and absolutely over the moon to win such an accolade."

"It still hasn't quite sunk in yet!"

"I'd like to dedicate this award to our great committee, bar staff, local CAMRA branch and a fantastic membership."

All CAMRA branches vote for their local Club of the Year based on the quality of the real ale served.

These are then judged to find the national winner.

Veronica Emary, chair of CAMRA's Cheltenham Branch, comments: "We are delighted to see Neil and the Cheltenham Motor Club win this prestigious CAMRA award."

"Neil has worked hard to achieve this high level of cellarmanship and varied beer selection."

"Having seen the cellar myself, I can say it is spotless."

"Many local CAMRA members are also members of the Club and CAMRA members come from all over the country to sample Mr Way's wares."

"I recently met some members in Brighton who had visited the club."

"Our congratulations go to him and George (his wife)."

It's not readily apparent which other clubs were shortlisted for the award but hats off to them anyway.


I'll have a pint of the porter, then.

For the full list of CWBOB winners, have a read of Baum best boozer in Blighty, posted 23/2/13.

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Top and thumb: The champion marksman at the Adlerschießen crossbow shooting competition during the 2004 Rutenfest in Ravensburg, Germany by Andreas Praefcke.

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