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New best beer practices out

By thirsty hack Ignatius Rake

Posted February 09, 2014
booze news

US Brewers Association unveils new advice for storing and handling craft beer.

The Boulder-based Brewers Association (BA), which describes itself as "the not-for-profit trade association that represents the majority of US breweries", has published its Best Practices Guide to Quality Craft Beer — Delivering Optimal Flavor to the Consumer.

Recognising "the need for improved and more standardised craft beer storage and handling practices in the US and in markets around the world", the 24-page guide, so a press release states, "is designed to provide general guidelines for distributors, shippers, publicans, sales staff, grocery stores, liquor outlets, bars and restaurants to better deliver high-quality craft beer".

"American craft brewers' ability to consistently deliver quality products is critical to their reputation and success," says BA chief operating officer Bob Pease.

"Beer is a highly perishable product and susceptible to a number of factors that can diminish its quality from the time it is brewed to the moment it's consumed."

"This guide offers a set of best practices to ensure that all stakeholders in the brewing, distribution and retail sectors – in both the US and abroad – put forth the highest quality product possible for consumers to enjoy."

The guide, so the press release notes, was developed for the BA by biochemist Gary Spedding PhD, managing owner of Brewing & Distilling Analytical Services, with guidance from a committee of BA representatives.

It reviews a variety of essential elements, including quality, stability, sensory perception, aging and deterioration, staleness, distribution, delivery and beer dispensing.

"We all have a role to play in quality assurance when it comes to our products," adds Ken Grossman, founder of Sierra Nevada Brewing and member of the BA Board of Directors and co-chair of the BA Technical Committee.

"A thorough understanding of proper and improper treatment of craft beer will go a long way toward ensuring that our consumers get only the best beer possible – benefiting small and independent American craft brewers, domestic and global retailers and beer drinkers."

As we here at the Rake & Herald tend to store our beer in our guts, we can't honestly say how good the guide is from an industry point of view.

However, in our opinion, it's definitely worth a read even if, like us, you just want to know a drop more about the beer that's been poured in front of you.

Furthermore, being metric types, we were also glad to see the use of both Celsius and Fahrenheit, as the latter's all Greek to us young pups on this side of the Pond.


Suddenly fancy a pint right now.


PDF copies of Best Practices Guide to Quality Craft Beer – Delivering Optimal Flavor to the Consumer can be freely downloaded here, with printed 10-packs and 50-packs costing, respectively, $7.50 (£4.57) and $32.50 for both BA members and non-members alike excluding post and packaging.

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