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Mmm Mmm creates again!

By editorial assistant Sandi Toxic

Posted June 25, 2013
grilled pepper jelly-filled doughnuts with hot barbecue glaze
They live! Mmm Mmm unleashes his latest creation. © Tracy Goode

Tracy 'Mmm Mmm' Goode creates another culinary chimera. Then scoffs the lot in six minutes.

Tracy 'Mmm Mmm' Goode isn't just a pro gurgitator.

He's also a culinary genius.

Not only did he co-create pizza fries with Crimson Star drummer Ross Edgington, but he has also now pushed back the boundaries of doughnutology with one of his bravest epicurean inventions to date: grilled pepper jelly-filled doughnuts with hot barbecue glaze.

What's more, they must be pretty tasty because as soon as he finished cooking them he shoved 10 down his gob in 6 minutes without any liquids.

"I had the idea months ago but I had to put it off," he exclusively facebookifies the Rake & Herald.

"I haven't done a challenge video since my daughter Kelly started having seizures again, so it's been on the back burner brewing."

"Hopefully, I will start doing a video a month and not something everyone else does."

"I like to play with my food and try new things."

And, of course, eat the results as quickly as possible.

So what's next on the Mmm Mmm agenda?

"Next month is pizza fries," he reveals.

Fair play, sir.

This we very much look forward to.

But there's even more to Rutles fan Mmm Mmm than creative cooking and speed eating, for he's also got excellent taste when it comes to both films and threads.

Don't believe me?

Just check out that T-shirt.

Created by Western Evil, it features a design inspired by the 1988 John Carpenter classic They Live, only one of the greatest films ever made, mate.

"That's a bloody good shirt that," says Rake & Herald fashion editor, London cabbie and self-appointed competitive eating pundit Kok Wang.

"They Live's a fackin' corker, right up there with Repo Man and The Return of the Living Dead."

"Yeah, I'd wear one of those."

"Why, has he got some going spare, has he?"

No, Kok.

Now shut up and watch.

The above comes courtesy of Mmm Mmm's YouTube channel, which also includes one of the finest Blues Brothers tribute vids ever. The excellent intro music, by the way, was performed by the Comfy Pajamas, a band comprised of Mmm Mmm and his kids, including seven-year-old Dylan, who also did the filming. Top stuff all round and healing thoughts to Kelly, sir!

See also Pizza fries!, posted 2/6/13.

WARNING! Competitive eating can be dangerous. As well as choking hazards there is also the possibility of poisoning yourself, something that could lead to hospitalisation, permanent health damage and even death. Don't believe us? Read this. Consequently, the Rake & Herald does not recommend you try emulating the above video(s) yourself. We are NOT joking. You have been warned.

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