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Megatoad's Big Mac massacre

By editorial assistant Sandi Toxic

Posted March 28, 2013
megatoad's big mac massacre
No match for a Megatoad: A Big Mac yesterday. (Check bottom for credit)

Is it humanly possible to eat five Big Macs in a minute? Perhaps you should ask Megatoad.

Can't say as I'm a massive fan of Big Macs, preferring instead to chomp on Cornish pasties all day long.

However, Major League Eating's (MLE) Matt 'Megatoad' Stonie clearly feels differently.

In fact, the 20-year-old MLE number five gurgitator appears to be quite partial to them.

Well, scoffing them at breakneck speed anyway.

And if you don't believe me, have a watch of the following film-tastic food-fighting footage.

Just don't, as Megatoad warns, try emulating his amazing alimentary antics at home.

Otherwise, you might choke to death and miss his next video.

And if it's anywhere near as impressive as this one, you'll be kicking yourself all the way to the afterlife and back.

Go for it, Megatoad.

Eat the hell out of 'em!

The above vid is taken for Megatoad's bloody jaw-dropping YouTube channel, which you can check out here. Trust me, it's ace.

See also An eyeful of pancakes, posted 10/10/12.

WARNING! Competitive eating can be dangerous. As well as choking hazards there is also the possibility of poisoning yourself, something that could lead to hospitalisation, permanent health damage and even death. Don't believe us? Read this. Consequently, the Rake & Herald does not recommend you try emulating the above video(s) yourself. Seriously. We are NOT joking. You have been warned.

Picture credit

Top and thumb: A Big Mac by Evan-Amos.

For licensing information click the above link.

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