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Happy Easter from the R&H!

By editorial assistant Sandi Toxic

Posted April 03, 2015
happy easter from the r&h!
Crack out the rabbit eggs and ice cream! Well, it's Easter, innit? (Check bottom for credit)

We're celebrating with vids from Dude, Where's My Challenge?, Freak8r, the Devonshire Idiot & Co and the 13th Floor Elevators.

As the 13th Floor Elevators declared, it's Easter everywhere.

Or something.

Naturally, I could go on about the pre-Christian origins of this ancient festival and how it was, like Christmas and so many other things, appropriated by the early Church but quite frankly I can't be arsed.

So instead, and regardless of whether you're celebrating the various modern or ancient religious aspects of Easter or just enjoying a few days off work, education or queuing for the dole, here's a few egg-related eating challenges that have tickled our Cornish fancy here at the Rake & Herald.

First up, it's over to Southampton in that there Pow Sows and Dude, Where's My Challenge? for some taste-bud-tickling treats in the form of some seriously minging century eggs.

And trust me, I've had them in Shenzhen and, to my western palate at least, they were well rank.

Fucking disgusting, in fact.

But Rake & Herald competitive eating editor Naader 'Freak8r' Reda from sunny California isn't just content to stick with sickly century eggs for his tea.

Oh no siree, Bob, for he likes to blend them up with a bottle of Mexican vanilla extract and a load of well stinky durian ice cream to make, as he puts it, a "smoothie from hell".

Indeed, the outcome, he says, is "one of the worst concoctions [he's] ever tasted in [his] life" but still he boshes the lot like a boss.

But then, while he's "no smoothie expert nor barista", he is a freak eater with a shedtonne of records to his name.

Or in this case, a freak drinker with a shedtonne of records to his name.

Take it away, sir.

Hmm, that looks scrumptious.

Sadly, we couldn't find the original Thailand Tom challenge that inspired the above.

Sorry, Tom, but if you send us the link, we'll run it just as soon as we've returned from our Easter piss-up.

Anyway, what we do have is a ticket for the Torpoint Ferry, so come with us now as we dare to cross the Tamar separating Cornwall from England and head into deepest, darkest Devon, where the Devonshire Idiot & Co abound.

But what the flip do they eat up country in Devon?

Why, pickled eggs, of course.

Although, instead of celebrating Easter, for some reason they think it's New Year's.

Bonkers, no?

Must be all the snow they get up north.

Not that we care, especially when the wonderful K-Lee Init's in the chair with a load of homemade treats and a big bottle of booze to boot.

So big it up for K-Lee and the crew.

Just remember, though, "every pickled egg should be washed down with copious amounts of beer".

Heck, you tell 'em, m'dear!

But what is yours truly gonna eat this Easter?


Here's a little clue.

And while I'm feeling all musical, here's the aforementioned 13th Floor Elevators from Austin, Texas, who invented the very genre we have come to know as psychedelic rock.

So hats off to Roky Erickson and the boys.

And happy Easter to you all of you, yes YOU, the cherished and beloved readers of the Rake & Herald!

Now blast open the booze.

I'm on holiday for a few days.

The above five vids are embedded here on the food-fighting-and-equally-tune-tastic Rake & Herald from the respective YouTube channels of Dude, Where's My Challenge?; Freak8r; the Devonshire Idiot & Co; Crazy Hippy From Oregon; and 13thfloorhendrix. So get clicking on those links and check 'em out now if you haven't already. Ere!

See also Mini doughnut record smashed, posted 19/2/15, and Easter everywhere, posted 4/4/13, among many others.

Sandi Toxic
was raised by wolves inside a disused clay pit near Lanjeth. You can befriend her on FaceBook here. She is still quite feral.

WARNING! Competitive eating can be dangerous. As well as potentially lethal choking hazards there is also the possibility of poisoning yourself, something that could lead to hospitalisation, permanent health damage and even death. Don't believe us? Read this. Consequently, the Rake & Herald does not recommend you emulate the above video(s) yourself. Seriously. We are NOT joking. You have been warned.

Picture credit

Top and thumb: An Easter exhibition in Sanok, Poland by EinPole.

For licensing information click the above link.

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