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Happy Easter, everybody!

By staff writer Stafford Wrighter

Posted December 01, 2015
december 1 and we get our first easter press release
T'is the season... To eat Easter eggs? Public domain

It's the first day of December and we've just been sent our first Easter-related press release.

It's not even Christmas1, despite what all the advertisers'll tell you, and already we've had our first Easter-themed press release jobbie.

Maybe it's a joke or perhaps they're just running a bit late.

Who knows?

Anyway, here it is now, sent to us by a PR agency on behalf of a company called Orgran that makes gluten-free food or something.

Happy Easter, y'all!

easter eggs in december
Makes a change from tinsel: Easter eggs in December, anyone? © Orgran

See also Halloween in August, posted 18/8/15.

Staff writer Stafford Wrighter is a staff writer called Stafford Wrighter.


1) In Western Christianity, the 12 Days of Christmas run from December 25 to January 5. More on that here.

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