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Hamantaschen à gogo

By editorial assistant Sandi Toxic

Posted March 26, 2013
bear's hamantaschen record breaking vid
Hamantaschen: Yeah, yeah. So we ran that pic before. Get over it. © APE

Remember when the Bear set the new hamantaschen record? Well, now you can watch him doing it.

This past February, Jamie 'the Bear' McDonald, officially recognised by All Pro Eating (APE) as the world's number one independent competitive eater, gave a shedload of hamantaschen a right good mauling.

In fact, gurgitating at the APE-sanctioned Second Annual EL AL Israel Airlines National Hamantaschen Eating Championship in Noi Yoik, Noi Yoik, he not only bolted back a whopping 48 of these traditional Jewish pastry/biscuit jobbies in five minutes, but he also effectively doubled the previous record of 25.

Not bad, eh?

Well, what's more, you can now savour the actual footage of him doing that right here, right now.

So what are you waiting for?

Click play and watch hamantaschen history unfold before your very eyes.

And the music's pretty whappy too.

The above vid was embedded from the Bear's YouTube channel, where a whole host of other fantastic feats of alimentary athleticism awaits your amazement.

See also Bear breaks Hamantaschen record, posted 24/2/13.

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