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Copper Dragon Golden Pippin

By booze editor Dr Miltov Lamprey (struck off)

Posted April 20, 2013
copper dragon golden pippin tastes great
Brewed to perfection: Miltov Lamprey loves his Golden Pippin. © Miltov Lamprey

Miltov Lamprey's just discovered his new favourite ale in a spa town in Yorkshire. He just doesn't know how he got there.

Woke up in Harrogate the other day.

No idea how.

So bought a pint of Golden Pippin (3.9%) from the Copper Dragon Brewery in Skipton.

Quite possibly the best pint I've ever tasted.

According to the brewery's website, this "light refreshing blond ale" with "a citrus fruit flavour" was "originally a seasonal ale" but "it proved so popular it's now brewed all year round".

No wonder.

It's f--king mint.

Ditto the Rooster's Rude Boy (4.3%), with its ode to 2 Tone pump clip, in the Old Bell.

Had eight of each.

Lost a trouser in a bush.


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Dr Miltov Lamprey
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