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CAMRA's quest for quality clubs

By editorial assistant Sandi Toxic

Posted June 16, 2014
the harold club
Could it be yours? The Harold Club in Bradford. (Check bottom for credit)

CAMRA kicks off search for UK's best heritage clubs.

The UK's Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) has started a search for Britain's best heritage clubs, with a press release stating that the organisation wants "to identify clubs with historic interiors or those that were purpose-built and have remained largely unaltered".

This, it says, ranges from "backstreet working men's clubs to plush golf clubs and everything in between", although whether it also includes strip clubs, knocking shops, illegal card schools and unlicensed shebeens is not readily apparent.

I suppose it depends on whether they sell decent real ale.

Or maybe not.

After all, as John Holland, chair of CAMRA's Clubs Committee, reveals: "We are always on the lookout for clubs which serve excellent real ale, but this initiative is about more than beer, it is about discovering the hidden gems around the UK and helping preserve them for the future – regardless of what drinks they have behind the bar."

"It's for this reason that we would encourage all clubs which think they are of historic interest to get in touch, no matter what beer you serve."

"There are some fantastic clubs all over the UK and we want to find the ones with the best preserved interiors, either those in buildings which are of historic interest or which have remained unaltered since their construction – even if that was as recently as 1971."

So perhaps Madam Gogo's and the Pink Oboe are still in with a chance, providing the fuzz don't get to 'em first and start smashing the place up with their big hard truncheons out.

CAMRA is well known for its many pub preservation initiatives, reporting that its Britain's Best Real Heritage Pubs book is "a consistent bestseller since publication last year". For more information on the above, including how to nominate a club, click this and this.

See also Out come the gongs, posted 27/3/13.

Sandi Toxic
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Picture credit

Top and thumb: The Harold Club in Bradford by Paul Glazzard.

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