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CAMRA authors land gongs

By editorial assistant Sandi Toxic

Posted December 07, 2015
CAMRA authors land gongs
Left to right: BGBW chairman Tim Hampson, Des de Moor and Adrian Tierney-Jones. © CAMRA

Three CAMRA authors win gold and silver at recent British Guild of Beer Writers Awards.

The three authors of two books published by the UK's Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) have scooped gongs at the British Guild of Beer Writers' (BGBW) annual awards, a CAMRA press release reports.

Des De Moor, author of CAMRA's London's Best Beers, Pubs and Bars took the gold award in the beer and travel category, with Roger Protz and Adrian Tierney-Jones, joint authors of CAMRA's Britain's Beer Revolutions, landing silver.

The trio picked up their awards at "a lavish awards dinner" held at the Park Lane Hotel up Lunnun this past Thursday (3/12/15).

It is not known whether ketchup was served.

As previously reported on the hallowed pages of the Rake & Herald, de Moor published the second edition of London's Best Beers, Pubs & Bars back in July.

The book, so the press release states, "was praised for its detailed reviews of over 200 pubs, interviews with brewers and background features, which explore London's rich brewing history".

On landing the award, de Moor expressed his delight "that the second edition of [his] book has repeated the feat of its predecessor in winning this award".

"Of course, I'm pleased to take some credit, but the book also reflects the excellence of its subject matter: if London hadn't transformed in the past few years back into one of the world's best beer cities, there wouldn't have been so much of interest to write about," he says.

"I'm also grateful to CAMRA Books for giving me the opportunity not only to create something which a few years back broke new ground in UK beer guides, but to do an even better job the second time around."

"Britain today has arguably the most diverse range of beers of any of the brewing nations and I hope we have captured this in the book." – Roger Protz

Meanwhile, Britain's Beer Revolutions, the press release reveals, "takes the reader on a tour of the country's best and most exciting developments in the beer industry, led by enthusiastic beer authorities Protz and Tierney-Jones, who sought out the most innovative maltsters, brewers, hop growers, pub owners and more".

"I'm thrilled and delighted that Britain's Beer Revolution, which I wrote with Adrian Tierney-Jones, won recognition in the Guild awards and I congratulate Des de Moor on winning a gold award for his brilliant guide to London pubs," Protz says.

"Britain's Beer Revolution was a labour of love, painting a portrait of a fast-changing and dynamic young brewing industry offering a wide range of beer styles to modern drinkers."

"Britain today has arguably the most diverse range of beers of any of the brewing nations and I hope we have captured this in the book."

"Both books serve to dispel the myth that CAMRA is a narrow organisation obsessed with just one type of beer."

"The books include breweries, pubs and bars that produce and serve many styles of beer and prove that CAMRA is a fast-changing movement that reaches out to beer lovers of all ages and remains the drinkers' champion."

"All three authors are hugely respected in the beer industry and it's fantastic to see them win these much deserved awards" – Tom Stainer

"Writing a book is fun, talking about the book at tastings is fun, seeing it in bookshops is fun, but winning an award for the book is brilliant, a rumbustious reward and celebration of the hard work Roger and I put into it and a recognition of a crucial document of what we hope will be Britain's Permanent Beer Revolution," Tierney-Jones adds.

"All three authors are hugely respected in the beer industry and it's fantastic to see them win these much deserved awards," says CAMRA's head of communications Tom Stainer.

"Both books perfectly encapsulate just how exciting the beer and pub world is at the moment and the fact they are published by CAMRA demonstrates the Campaign is continuing to play a leading role in creating a real sense of excitement and appreciation of just how good the British beer scene is."

The BGBW was formed in 1988 to help spread the word about beers, brewing and pubs.

More information on the awards, including the full roster of winners, can be found here.

As for yours truly, my unswerving dedication to writing up press releases has yet to be acknowledged.

Hint, bloody hint.

Chief hack's note: That's not exactly true, is it, Sandi? I gave you that can of Kestrel Super I found in a skip, didn't I? Honestly, some people were just born ungrateful.

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