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Bude flies flag up BeerX, mind

By editorial assistant Sandi Toxic

Posted January 26, 2016
bude brewery off to beerx
Bude t'other day: But which way's Sheffield? (Check bottom for credit)

Cornish brewer lands own bar at this year's SIBA BeerX bash.

Cornwall's Bude Brewery from Bude in Cornwall has been named as one of 201 breweries from across the UK to get it's own brewery bar at the forthcoming BeerX beer festival and trade show to be held this coming March 16-19 in Sheffield, well across the border with England.

Past even Exeter.

And Plymouth.

But that's not all, see, because as regular readers of the Rake & Herald will no doubt recall, last year's BeerX golden gong was scooped by fellow Cornish brewery St Austell Brewery from St Austell in Cornwall, so will Bude make it a Cornish double?

Fuck knows.

Anyway, according to a press release from the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA), which organises the bugger, BeerX "has gone from strength to strength in recent years".

What's more, it says, there are "big plans for expansion in the future which will cement its place as the UK's biggest craft brewing event".

In fact, this year's show, if I've read the press release right, will be the first to have so many brewery bars "run by the breweries themselves and featuring two independent craft keg beers, plus an array of bottles and cans of various strengths, styles, colours and flavours".

Indeed, the press release continues, "demand was so high amongst SIBA's 850 brewery members that a lottery-style draw was introduced to select the breweries which would be given a place at the UK's biggest beer industry trade show and beer festival".

So there.

Whatever that means.

"This is a great way to get people engaged with beer" – SIBA's Nick Stafford.

"BeerX's Festival of Beer is all about showcasing the very best in British brewing across cask, keg, bottle and can, and with the addition of our new Brewers' Village and brewery bars we are allowing beer drinkers to speak to, and have beers poured by, the brewers themselves," says SIBA's commercial director Nick Stafford.

"We think this is a great way to get people engaged with beer and also allows our members to get direct feedback at the point of sale."

The addition of the new bar space, SIBA says, "will more than double the size" of the public Festival of Beer bit, "with hundreds of beers being showcased, many of which are being judged in SIBA's National Beer Competition held at BeerX".

But don't go thinking these brewery bar things will be limited to only serving competition beers because that's not the case at all, chief.

"The great thing about the brewery bars is they allow brewers to choose the beers they are most proud of, whether that is a beer taking part in the SIBA competitions or a one-off brew they believe to be really special and worth showcasing," Stafford continues.

"We expect the addition of the brewery bars to really expand the range and variety of beer styles and flavours on offer at BeerX and be a big hit with drinkers and delegates alike."

To be honest, we here at the Rake & Herald have no idea what beers Bude will be taking up country with them but their portfolio of pints currently encompasses 3.7% Neet bitter; 4% Porthbud pale ale; 4% Sea Pool golden ale; 4.2% Haven amber ale; 4.7% Summerleaze golden ale; and 5.1% Black Rock dark ale.

So probably some of that, then.

Either way, hats off to Bude.

Any chance of a few freebies or summat?

See also Victory for St Austell!, posted 20/3/15, among others.

Sandi Toxic
was raised by wolves inside a disused clay pit near Lanjeth. You can befriend her on FaceBook here. She is still quite feral.

Picture credit

Top and thumb: Some road signs outside Bude by Humphrey Bolton.

For licensing information, click the above link.


1) As well as Bude, the other breweries to get bars at BeerX 2016 are (in alphabetical order) Alphabet Brewing (Manchester); Arran Brewery (Isle of Arran, Scotland); Bespoke Brewery (Gloucestershire); Box Social Brewing (Newcastle); Bradford Brewery (Bradford); Cathedral Heights (Lincoln); Davenports (Birmingham); Dawkins Ales (Bath); Drink Up Brewery (Bolton); Five Points Brewing (Lunnun); Fyne Ales (Loch Fyne, Scotland); Leeds Brewery (Leeds); Little Beer Co (Guildford); One Mile End Brewery (Lunnun); Ran Ales (Stoke-on-Trent); Sonnet 43 (Durham); Thornbridge (Bakewell, Derbyshire); Tweed Brewing Co (Manchester); and Williams Bros Brewing (Alloa, Scotland).

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