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Big brewers target craft growth

By rag picker Reg Pecker

Posted January 27, 2014

As sales for mass-produced beers fall, large US brewers are increasingly looking to tap the growing craft dollar.

According to the Irish Independent, US craft beer sales by volume rose 16% last year concurrent with a 1.7% slip for the country's biggest mainstream brands.

Unsurprisingly, the big boys, it seems, are increasingly keen to jump on the craft bandwagon, even if they don't exactly meet the criteria laid down by the US Brewers Association as to what a 'craft brewer' is.

Kinda puts us in mind of that £20m ($33.2m) deal back in 2011 that saw Molson Coors buying up Sharp's, the Cornwall, UK-based brewer behind the ever more ubiquitous Doom Bar real ale brand.

Not that we can blame them, really.

Doom Bar kicks arse.

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