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By thirsty hack Ignatius Rake

Posted March 09, 2015
new ba beer styles guide out
Handy resource: The BA's new Beer Styles Guide. © the BA

BA's adds new online Beer Styles Guide.

The US Brewers Association (BA) has added a new Beer Styles Guide to its website to help drinkers better navigate the mushrooming plethora of brews available to the thirsty American hophead.

According to a BA press release, the Beer Styles Finder "lets users sort styles by colour, bitterness, alcohol and flavour".

At the same time, interactive beer glass images launch "a dedicated page for each style, offering and overview of colour, appearance, aroma and sensations, along with recommended food pairings, proper glassware, suggested serving temperature and commercial brand examples".

But that's not all because the guides are also accompanied by an introductory video (embedded below) and "the most concise and systematic tasting sheet ever published".

Meanwhile, for those drinkers looking for even more info, "an extensive text guide uses an alphabetical list of triggers – from alcohol to yeast variety – to help describe possible characteristics of a specific beer style".

"At we aim to provide beer lovers with exactly what they want to know," says BA craft beer programme director and publisher Julia Herz.

"One of the best things about beer is the amazing variety of styles."

"From the beer beginner to geek, from chefs to foodies alike these guidelines are presented in a ground-breaking new format designed for easy reference."

The Beer Styles Guides, the BA reports, "are the result of a two-year review of the top beer styles being made in the US, cross-referenced with both BA and the Beer Judge Certification Program guidelines".

Ultimately whittled down to 77 common US beer styles, they span 15 'style families' with "unique information added specifically with the beer lover in mind".

In addition to the new guides, also offers numerous other resources for beer lovers and professionals to boot, including, inter alia, the free Beer & Food Course; the Cooking with Beer Recipe Database; the introductory Beer 101 Course; a Beer Glossary; and even an Estimated Blood Alcohol Content Calculator.

Not bad, eh?


The above vid is embedded here on the booze-tastic Rake & Herald from the BA's YouTube channel, which you can check out here.

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Ignatius Rake
is a freelance journalist, geographer and world traveller who has visited more than 70 countries on six continents. In 2013, he represented the UK at the Fourth Annual Smoke's Poutinerie World Poutine Eating Championship in Toronto, coming an abysmal last and getting his arse royally whipped by Rake & Herald reader and Major League Eating speedscarfing supremo Joey 'Jaws' Chestnut. He has been known to like a pint.

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