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A delicate hint of chilli

By editorial assistant Sandi Toxic

Posted September 17, 2012
naader freak8r reda ghost pepper salsa
Some like it hot: And some like it out of a jar. (Check bottom for credit)

Sometimes you just can't beat eating a whole jar of Ghost Pepper Salsa. Through a straw.

Notching up more than a million Scoville heat units (SHUs), the Naga Jolokia, or Ghost Pepper, is a chilli with a reputation for being a tad fiery1.

Since 2010, Texas-based Renfro Foods has produced Ghost Pepper Salsa, a salsa sauce it describes as "scary hot".

Naader 'Freak8r' Reda is an indie eater with a pedigree as long as a docker's tea break.

He also has access to a video camera.

Watch more of Freak8r in action here and read his writings here.

WARNING! Competitive eating can be dangerous. As well as choking hazards there is also the possibility of poisoning yourself, something that could lead to hospitalisation, permanent health damage and even death. Don't believe us? Read this. Consequently, the Rake & Herald does not recommend you try emulating the above video(s) yourself. Seriously. We are NOT joking. You have been warned.


1) If Wikipedia is to be believed, this compares to a rating of between 2,500 SHU and 5,000 SHU for Tabasco. While the Ghost Pepper is often cited as the hottest chilli in the world, the Guinness Book of Records at time of writing hands the accolade to the Trinidad Scorpion 'Butch T', which apparently clocks in at 1,463,700 SHUs. Imagine that on your next kebab.

Picture credit

Top and thumb: Some fiery flame flames by I, MarcusObal.

For licensing information click the above link.

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