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A Deep Dish full of pancakes

By editorial assistant Sandi Toxic

Posted September 30, 2012
deep dish sets pancake eating record in louisville
Cool dude: Deep Dish eating brats in 2006. (Check bottom for credit)

Patrick 'Deep Dish' Bertoletti has stormed to victory at the inaugural Wild Eggs National Pancake Eating Championship in Louisville, Kentucky.

As well as being the first person to be crowned Wild Eggs National Pancake Eating Champion, Deep Dish also set a new pancake eating world record, necking a grand total of 50 of the things during the 10-minute all-you-can-eat gobathon.

And what with Joey 'Jaws' Chestnut also setting a new tamale record yesterday/today over in confusingly similar-sounding Lewisville, Texas, Saturday, September 29, 2012 looks set to go down in the annals of alimentary athleticism as one of the greatest days to date.

Or as Major League Eating (MLE) puts it via its Twitter feed, "a history-making day in MLE history".

Mind you, from what we gather, the battle for the pancake title and $2,000 (£1,237) top prize was a pretty close-run thing, with unicorn enthusiast Deep Dish1, the MLE number two gurgitator, having to ward off stiff opposition from the MLE number six, 20-year-old Matt 'Megatoad' Stonie, who wolfed down 47 to take silver.

But then this particular chowdown always promised to be a tense dual between this duo of digestive dare devils and to that end it certainly did not disappoint.

So how does a top-tier gurgitator prepare for such a clash of gullets?

Well, in yet another Rake & Herald world exclusive that is actually so exclusive we're not even sure we should share it with you it's that exclusive, a pre-match Megatoad exclusively told us via Twitter of his hopes and fears for the then upcoming battle of the bouches.

"I hope the pancakes are warm," he told us.


Whether or not they were, we can't actually say as this is a secret so closely guarded that we forgot to ask.

However, what we can tell you is Tim 'Gravy' Brown, Deep Dish's co-conspirator behind the Glutton Force Five phenomenon sweeping Chicago (an organisation they describe online as "somewhere between bad Arnold commando movies from the 80s and a battered deep-fried cheeseburger at a carnival"2), came third with 28.5.

Meanwhile, heading south from her home in Canada, Meredith 'Deep-Fried Diva' Boxberger placed fourth with 23.5 and rap sensation Eric 'Badlands' Booker fifth with 23.

"It was a great contest," the Deep-Fried Diva tells us in yet another world exclusive publicly viewable on Twitter.

"I used maple syrup in true Canadian fashion to assist the pancakes on their journey."

"It was a beauty fall day for flapjacks!"

Badlands Booker is a dude!
It's go time: Eaters and onlookers await the action. © Eric Booker

"I like that Deep-Fried Diva," says Rake & Herald fashion editor, London cabbie and self-appointed competitive eating pundit Kok Wang.

"I was reading her website earlier and it says she got into competitive eating 'mainly for shits and giggles'."

"I have no idea whether there were any of either in Louisville yesterday or today or whenever it is, but there were certainly a fair few pancakes for the scoffing."

"In fact, nearly a hundred of 'em ultimately disappeared down the north and souths of Deep Dish and Megatoad."

"Hats off to 'em, I say," he says.

"That's a well deserved victory for Deep Dish, so big up to him."

"As for the Megatoad, well I think you know my views on him, but it has to be said that at just 20 years of age the guy's fackin' amazing."

"Seriously, give him a couple of years and that Chestnut's gonna have to hold well tight onto his crown if he don't want that Megatoad 'alf inching it off his loaf."

"As soon as they spring Hooky Tom the bookie out of chokey, I'm gonna lay a monkey on him landing the MLE number one spot before 2015."

"And what's more, he'd better cough up sharpish this time or else I'll have to break his fingers again."

"Not that it was me what smashed 'em with a ball hammer the first time, like."

"But enough of that 'cos the fuzz might be listening in on me mobile and you ain't heard nuffin', right?"

"Remember I've still got that shooter, Sandi."

"Anyway, big respect to Gravy and the man himself, Badlands Booker."

"No idea who else was in the eating today/yesterday/whenever but that top five's a top five full of some of my favourite gurgitators."

"I raise my glass to the lot of them."

And trust me, he does.

A pint glass brimming with Pernod and black.

His sixth so far tonight.

And he would have done more if he hadn't had to stop to neck all that snake bite and absinthe.

Me, I'm just on the Thunderbird.

And gin.

Well, some of us round here have got work to do, haven't they, Kok?

Right now we're still awaiting the full results, unless of course there were only five entrants, which we seriously doubt given that the MLE website at present still states that "registration for this event is closed due to capacity".

Then again, it might have been a really small stage.

Who knows?

Not me.

Anyway, here's as much as we do know based on the MLE Twitter feed and website:

1) Patrick 'Deep Dish' Bertoletti (50 pancakes; $2,000);

2) Matt 'Megatoad' Stonie (47; $1,000);

3) Tim 'Gravy' Brown (28.5; $600);

4) Meredith 'Deep-Fried Diva' Boxberger (23.5; $250); and

5) Eric 'Badlands' Booker (23; $150).

We'll update these results as and when more details emerge.

In the meantime, you might like to watch Deep Dish on the box (if you are using the superb NoScript add-on for Firefox, you might have to allow some external scripts to view it):

WDRB 41 Louisville - News, Weather, Sports Community

Right, gotta go.

There's still another report to write and if I have to sit here listening to Kok prattling on much longer, I'm gonna start smashing the place up with that Rake bloke's cricket bat.

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit.

He's like bloody Chas and Dave when he's on the Pernod.

I can't wait till he passes out in a puddle.


A quick trawl of Eat Feats and Twitter suggests that Kevin 'LA Beast' Strahle placed sixth, just outside the money, with 22.5 pancakes scoffed.

Meanwhile, although we are not sure where exactly he came in the table, we also understand that Tracy 'Mmm Mmm' Goode finished with a gut count of 13.

One thing of which we are completely certain, though, is that rap sensation Badlands Booker is not only the undisputed Cannoli King, but also something of a dab hand with a camera and a proper gent to boot.

We know this because he has very kindly given us permission to run the above photo of the crowd and gurgitators awaiting the commencement of the pancake pummelling proceedings.

A big Rake & Herald thank you to one of our all-time favourite competitive eaters.

Respect to the Badlands!

See also Jaws sets new tamale record, posted 30/9/12, and MLE suspends bacon gobathons, posted 26/9/12.


1) Well, that's what it says on his Twitter page thing.

2) Glutton Force Five is a food truck by the way. And from what it says on the website, it sounds well mint.

Picture credits

Top and thumb: Deep Dish in 2006 by Badlands Booker.

(Update 31/9/12)

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