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About the Rake & Herald

<strong>Picabia rules:</strong> Fact. <small>© Ignatius Rake</small><br /><br />

Picabia rules: Fact. © Ignatius Rake

"The Rake & Herald, bringing you the news like a paperboy high on Haribo" – Colin Leggo.

"Cooler than scorched Earth... like Aesop on a honey mead binge" – Richard Caldwell.

"Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke!" – JR "Bob" Dobbs.

The Interdimensional Rake & Herald (to give it it's full title but hereafter referred to simply as the Rake & Herald) is a non-traditional news site, covering art, music, booze, food, competitive eating, forteana and travel, etc. Heavily influenced by Dada, it blends factual reporting with art and humour and in so doing remains unique on this planet.

We Make News Art
The Rake & Herald was founded by AC89 and Ignatius Rake, two former punk rock fanzine writers from Cornwall, under the auspices of Ascended Master JMH.

An interdimensional news and art mandrill, it combines factual reporting with Dada and surreal (largely Cornish) humour. As such, while the bulk of our stories are bona fide news items, we also run conceptual, visual and textual art pieces in addition to straight-up spoofs, satire and piss-takes. It is up to you to decide which is which and which is not and whether we are being serious, joking or both or neither or all four or maybe something else completely, like ice cream, perhaps.

Consequently, neither the creators nor the curators can be held responsible for how the receiver interprets or responds to our News Art as it will take on different hues depending on who views or otherwise experiences it. We also sell T-shirts. Please buy one here. Thank you very much. Have a nice day/night.

Updated 30/7/17.

We welcome submissions but please have a read of this before submitting anything. Except money. Just send that over straight away.

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